Gotvik Vapen

Festivalo de Caderas

16-18 October 2015

Gotvik vapen
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Gotvik invites one and all to join us in our annual celebrations of decadence and anything moraly questionable.
Over a weekend full of activities including dancing, gambling, music, fighting, archery and a good amount of food we will make sure that your moral slackness is kept at an alltime high. Welcome to Rävlanda föreningsgård just north east of Gothenburg!

Full event: 320 SEK
Day pass (17th): 220 SEK
Youth 12-15 Full event: 160 SEK
Youth 12-15 Day pass (17th): 110 SEK
Children under 12: Free

Payment information is sent out by email with your reservation confirmation.

There is room at the site to sleep for anyone with a full event pass. Bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad.
A full event pass includes evening meal on Friday, breakfast Saturday and Sunday as well as lunch, fika och banquet on Saturday. A day pass includes lunch, fika och banquet on Saturday.

Dessert contest:

"Welcome dear friends! To challenge you and to expand our supply of sinful delicacies I hereby announce a dessert contest during our glorious weekend!
Bake, cook or put together something sweet for our table. Just enough for everyone to have a taste.
Do you want to participate? Then please do as follows: Bring your contribution and a copy of your recipe and I will assign a number to your dish that our highly renowned highnesses can vote on. In addition to fame and glory there will be a smaller price to compete for.
May the best dessert win!
Katarina Krognos af Ystad, food-o-crat"


Friday 16th
18:00 - Event opens
19:00 - Supper

Saturday 17th
08:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Medieval hazard games, a workshop.
11:00 - Dance workshop
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Archery and fighting
15:00 - Coffee and lecture by Aleydis. "Courtly literature - some samples of the naughty bits"
17:00 - Court
19:00 - Banquet

Sunday 18th
08:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Cleaning
12:00 - Event closes

Herr Emund från Sleep (Tobias Källkvist)
+46 (0) 70 – 365 75 87

Herr Marc Sköldbane (Marc Josgård)

Fru Katarina Krognos av Ystad (Katarina Dahllöv)